Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Barrington Stage

This was not the most inspiring season at Barrington Stage. The highlights were Typhoid Mary at Stage 2 and West Side Story at the Main Stage.

Julie Boyd has announced that she wants to present plays that make you think about the play after you leave the theatre rather than wonder where you parked your car.

I have always thought that that was the purpose of good theatre.

Several of the other plays were more sermons than plays and the William Finn musical was just not good.

Last night David and I saw Well Intentioned White People by Rachel Lynett. I would call it a well-intentioned sermon disguised as a play.

It concerns a black college professor who has been receiving racial threats and refuses to do anything about it while her friends press her into getting involved in a very public response to the problem.

The characters were one dimensional and there was a lot of screaming back and forth between people.

Julie announced that next year Stage 2 will be devoted to this sort of play.

I may skip it.