Wednesday, August 30, 2017


Stephen Sondheim has got to be one of the great composers of musical theatre of the past century. I say century because he is three days younger than I!

Company last night at Barrington Stage again proved this point. It is a wonderful show filled with great music and choice lyrics. Last night's cast was in top form.

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Aaron Tveit as Bobby was as good as Dean Jones in the original production, which I saw in 1970. A good actor, he had the necessary high range for his last big number 'Being live'.

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Ellen Harvey stopped the show as Joanne, singing "The ladies who lunch'. Elaine Stritch was the first Joanne and is  tough act to follow.

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Likewise, Lauren Marcus with 'I'm not getting married today', a lightning-fast tongue twister which she delivered with breathless speed, delighting the audience.

Nora Schell as Marta has an enormous voice in 'Another hundred people just got offa the train'. Perhaps too big to be amplified. Her high notes gave me a headache. Female Broadway singers should be legally barred from Belting that high in their range!

The rest of the cast was excellent. Kate Loprest as Susan, Paul Schaefer as Peter, Jeanette Bayardelle as Sarah, Lawrence Street as Harry, Joseph Spieldenner as Paul, Jane Pfitsch as Jenny, James Ludwig as David, Mara Davi as April, and Rebecca Kuznick as Kathy. 

The conductor was Dan Pardo who kept everything moving at a smart pace. 

It was a good closing performance for the summer season.