Wednesday, April 5, 2017

All that Jazz!

Last Friday night David and I, with our friend Kate, paid my last visit for the season to the Lake Shore Cafe and JJ and the Jazz Masters. This group is a sensational mix of virtuosic Jazz performers.

JJ, at age 85, is the percussionist and has still got it! Gina Gibson is the excellent vocalist who can ad lib with the best of them. 


Kobi Knight is the extraordinary vibes player, a true genius at the instrument. Bernard Scavello is the sax player who can riff with the best.

Dave Drazin the pianist and Dan McNaughton, bass player are equally good.

I got my first taste of Dixieland Jazz or 'Two-Beat' at Nick's in the Village in the 1950's. An odd taste, you may say, for a classical musician, but the improvisation that is the essence of 'Two-Beat' is right up there with ornamentation in Bach.

A week or so earlier we were at the Lake Shore to celebrate my birthday and Gina serenaded me with 'Happy Birthday'. The last time I had a Dixieland 'Happy Birthday' was at Nick's when I was 21! Long time ago

Yesterday I flew back to Rood Hill Farm from Chicago. It's been a busy winter there with some time in New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, and Colorado.

As I approached the barrier where you get zapped for bombs, etc., the man said 'Shoes!', pointing to my feet. I said 'I'm 87 years old'. He generously said 'You look 57', but let me through.

Thank was a nice farwell to Chicago until next fall!