Saturday, February 23, 2019


Last night David and I saw an amazing production of Elektra by Richard Strauss at Chicago Lyric Opera. Stellar singing by the entire cast led by Nina Stemme in the title role. Ms. Stemme has a voluptuous voice with a wide vocal range and portrayed the tragic heroine perfectly.

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Equally fine was Alexandra Lo Bianco who filled in for Eliza Van Den Heever as Chrysosthemus.You would never have known that she was not a part of the original cast. Another very beautiful voice.

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The part of Klytamnestra was sung by Michaela Martens whose amazing range and volume was unique.

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Strauss apparently loved the female voice. In several of his operas the leading characters are women, or, in the case of Octavian, a young male who is sung by a woman.

In any case, it leads to some extraordinary singing, as it did last night.  

The rest of the cast was equally fine but the poor men don't get much of a chance to sing. It was a great night at Chicago Lyric!