Sunday, August 18, 2013


PR imagesThis has been a weekend for the string section. Saturday David and I attended a private recital by Yevgeny Kutik and Lenore Davis at the home of Ms. Davis in West Stockbridge.

Yevgeny is, of course, my favorite violinist ever, being the first winner of the Ferris Burtis Competition some years ago, as well as being one of the five young artists the Foundation is helping in their education and careers.

Each time I hear him play I am amazed at how he constantly grows in virtuosity, depth of emotion, and intense musicianship. Yesterday was no exception. Ms. Davis is a fine pianist and their ensemble was excellent.

Some of the program included Russian compositions that will be featured on his new CD which he will begin recording soon in Rockland, Massachusetts, set for release in the fall. I look forward to that day! The Ferris Burtis Foundation is aiding him financially in the production of this CD.

A very appreciative audience gave the two artists a rousing Bravi  at the end of the concert. He is already lined up to perform a very busy concert schedule this season throughout the USA and in Australia.

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On Sunday afternoon we attended a concert by the violin students  of Elizabeth Faidley, an extraordinary teacher whose studio is in Northern New Jersey.

The very talented performers were Cameron Baumann, 14, Adriana Bay, 14, Emily Chen, 17, Alexi Dufour-Nevitski, 12, Margot Kanagy, 16, Andrew Kirjner, 15, Coco Mi, 12, Maia Schmidt, 14, Tristan Siegel, 17, and Meena Sinha 18. This is an amazing group of young violinists who all perform with wonderful intonation, depth of emotion, and excellent technique. They are fortunate to be studying with a teacher of Ms. Faidley's ability.
Michael Wittenburg
Michael Wittenburg was the excellent pianist who accompanied these young virtuosi in an exhausting program, which included four movements from various violin concerti.

The concert was held in Trinity Episcopal Church in Lenox, Massachusetts. It climaxed several weeks of 'Violin Camp' that Ms. Faidley holds every summer for her students.

I state without reservation that if you are looking for a fine violin teacher in the New York area, look no further.